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Living Room Ideas With Groundpiece Sofa From Flexform
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Flexform Groundpiece Sofa Ideas

Looking for a new modern and contemporary look for your living room? One of the most classic designers is the Italian furniture brand flexform and its classic and iconic sofa the Groundpiece.

Famed for its use of a bookshelf as arm or a corner piece in a L shaped sofa configuration this sofa can be tailor made to suit almost any living rooms needs.

Firstly lets take a look at a basic configuration for a smaller living room snug or office. The following configuration could work well in conjunction with another groundpiece, with a simple low back large seat back throw cushions and the bookcase unit to the right.


Small Flexform Groundpiece

From the small and perfectly formed to the large configuration of a L shaped version of this classic.

Below is the perfect formation for the larger living space or office.

In this version we can still say use of the bookcase but a much smaller example. This configuration uses the bookcase arms and not the larger square element in the above example.

This larger version really shows off the use of the large throw back cushions and how you can style up the sofa with them. This version is extended with a chaise on the left hand side for ultra comfort.

Large L shaped Flexform Groundpiece

Next we have a smaller L shaped groundpiece and the image below show just how super soft and conformable the sofa can be.

With its harsh lines of its arms and bookcases the super soft cushion invite you relax.

Medium L shape Flexform Groundpiece

Last but not least is the amazing press shot.

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Flexform Groundpiece in a room

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