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Stand Out From The Crowd With Furniture From Edra
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The Edra FLAP, BOA, CIPRIA and more

The very first time I came across Edra was around 15 years ago and if you know Edra I'm pretty sure you be able to guess the product I first saw? 
The amazing design or the flap. 
If you are lucky enough to own one or have had chance to sit on one you will understand it not all about looks.

Function is key with all of Edra's designs, and the flap sofa is perfect starting point in explaining this marriage between form, function and being able to really stand out.

The Flap sofa can either be used flat or each of it's "fingers" or "toes" can be used as a backrest as show in the picture below:

Edra FLAP sofa

So we have seen the Flap now for something much more outlandish

Get lost in Boa sofa

It doesn't matter if you hate or love snakes as this Boa is going to be a ultra comfort.

With it layers of intertwining think strands to fit around you it becomes one of the most indulgent sofas in the world.

Cipria sofa from Edra

Edra's Cipria super soft sofa

A collectors item in many a museum around the world the Cipria is and will be a classic of the present and future. The sofa is named after a ladies makeup powder puff. Super soft for complete comfort.
Cipria sofa from Edra

Last but not least is this amazing video that shows off the STANDARD sofa and how you can adjust the back support and change the shape to fit your needs.

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