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Delivery Details:


VAT is charged on all goods delivered within the EU.

Deliveries outside the EU are sold free of VAT. The buyer is responsible for all Customs and/or local sales taxes in these cases.


The US does not charge duty on most major furniture items including – beds, sofas, chairs, tables, storage products etc. Low duty rates of 4%-6% may apply on smaller items like mirrors, certain lamps, mattresses and loose cushions.

Due to changes in the USA Custom and Border Protection requirements, your Social security number will be required so that our shipping company can file the ISF information to Custom and Border protection and have the goods released from customs once they arrive in the USA.

Carriage, Post and Packing

All quotation will show carriage,post and packing charges.

Except where otherwise stated, all delivery charges will be invoiced at the prevailing rate.

Additional charges may be applied to cover the full costs of delivery. Details of these charges is available on request.
Custom duties and any local sales taxes due for delivery outside the EU will be the responsibility of the buyer.



Times – delivery standard

All dates and times shall be treated as an estimated only.

Every effort will be made to meet the delivery standard quoted, but no liability can be accepted by the Company for failure to deliver within this standard or any other specified time period.

The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever, including consequential loss or loss of profit, that arises directly or indirectly, howsoever caused, from any delivery delay for any ordered goods.

Damage/Shortage (See Returns/Damaged Goods Above)

The Company will accept no liability for damage or shortage unless noted at the time of delivery and notified to us immediately.

If inspection at time of delivery is not possible then the customer must endorse all copies of the delivery record “Unable to inspect on delivery”.

If you have any problems with your order and have noted “Unable to inspect on delivery” you must notify us within two full working days of delivery of any damage found on inspection.

Delivery Time and Place

The buyer shall be bound to accept ordered goods when they are tendered for delivery. Delivery shall be deemed to take place when the goods are tendered for delivery to the buyer, at the nominated delivery address. At this point, risks of loss, breakage or other damage pass to the buyer.

Our standard delivery is weekday, to the curbside. Contemporary Home UK can assist with arrangements with the delivery Company for delivery beyond curbside but will accept no liability for any damage arising beyond that point. These shall be deemed the sole responsibility of the buyer and the delivering Company.

If the buyer cannot accept delivery of his ordered goods for more than 7 days after they are available for delivery, the Company may: store the goods pending delivery to the buyer who shall be liable to the Company for all costs, including insurance, of so doing. However the Company shall have no legal obligation to insure such goods and the risk of loss of damage during such storage shall be borne by the buyer. If the period of storage exceeds 60 days the Company shall have the right to sell the goods at the best price readily obtainable and after deducting all storage and administrative expenses, retain the contracted price and render to the buyer any balance arising from the sale. Any shortfall between the balance from the sale and the contracted price will be invoiced to the buyer who shall be required to settle this mount within our normal trading terms.

Where access to the delivery address is limited or additional equipment is required to complete delivery of the goods, additional charges to cover the full costs of these services plus administrative costs will apply.

Terms and conditions for non-standard delivery i.e. beyond curbside to meet your specified requirements, will be negotiated independently and details shown separately on our quotation.


If a delivery cannot be made because the buyer is not in at an agreed delivery time, or the goods will not fit into the premises, or must be re-delivered for any other reason, a re-delivery charge of £75 per instance will be applied.

Address Change

A charge may be made if the delivery address is changed after the goods have been dispatched. The amount will depend upon specific circumstances and will be at the discretion of the Company but based upon a fair appraisal of the costs arising from the disruption caused by the change.

See our terms and conditions for full information include advice regarding delivery.